33 Ways Not to Screw Up HR with Patricia Garland

Are you struggling with human resources issues as a business owner? Do you feel like HR is a minefield, where one misstep could lead to disastrous consequences? Then you won’t want to miss this episode of the “33 Ways Not to Screw Up” podcast with Alastair McDermott and guest Patricia Garland, author of “33 Ways Not to Screw Up HR.”

In this episode, Patricia shares her vision of HR and how it differs from the traditional approach. She believes in keeping things simple and treating employees as trusted adults who can contribute to the success of the business. She also explains why she avoids getting in the middle of conflicts between managers and employees or between employees. Instead, she coaches individuals on how to communicate and solve problems directly with each other.

If you’re tired of HR being the complaints department and want to learn a better approach, tune in to this episode. You’ll come away with practical tips on how to communicate effectively with your employees and avoid screwing up HR. So, don’t miss it!

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