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The 33 Ways Series is a passion project providing the most important advice for the many business problems that keep us up at night.

Be part of something bigger.

The 33 Ways book series is the brainchild of Melissa G. Wilson, founder of Networlding Publishing and herself a bestselling author. Melissa seeks to empower thought leaders who want to make a difference in the world with their books. She is committed to mentoring authors and spreading the love of learning through reading.

This series started as a unique vision that came to Melissa, to create an easy-to-read book series focused on the best business practices related to a wide range of subjects.

Focused on building a vibrant book series, Melissa is constantly looking for leading experts in every business niche possible to share their unique wisdom in their 33 Ways books with you. In its first year, the series grew to include eleven books.

One of the best benefits of the series has been the support network Melissa created for the authors to support one another, helping them share their wider wisdom through their respective networks.

As Melissa shares often about the significance of the number three:

Others might find it strange, but I’ve always loved the number three. It carries spiritual significance for me. I can’t go a week without seeing that number appear in my everyday life—through license plates, grocery bills, phone numbers, and so on, the number keeps showing up as a reminder to keep the series going to provide simple, powerful, and, especially, easy-to-implement solutions that this series seeks to provide its readers.

All the authors in this series have one special thing in common: the passion to make a difference in the lives of others, along with the robust desire to share their wisdom with as many eager learners as possible. Melissa calls this “The 33 Ways Great Invitation!”

For authors (and aspiring authors): If you are a thought leader interested in contributing a book to this series while becoming part of a supportive circle of authors and readers, contact Networlding.