Book cover for 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Cybersecurity by Dawn Kristy

33 Ways Not to Screw Up Cybersecurity

Learn how to protect your small business from cyber threats with this short, actionable guide from expert Dawn Kristy.

Are cybersecurity issues keeping you awake at night? Get ready to find actionable solutions. There is hope.

In 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Cybersecurity, author Dawn Kristy, JD, CEO of The Cyber Dawn, LLC, is your guide to effectively addressing cyber threats. With eleven years in the cyber risk and insurance trenches, she has helped dozens of business owners and leaders become more cyber-secure.

Learn to be cyber-savvy from topics including:

  • Passwords: How to protect access to data with password management
  • Multi-factor authentication: When and how to protect applications with MFA
  • Insider threats: What they are and how to watch out for them
  • Human error: How to train your team to reduce the chance of costly errors.

Take advantage of Dawn’s international perspective, gained from her work abroad for nearly twelve years, shedding light on emerging risks involving environmental liability, product liability, and the 9/11 attacks.

About Dawn Kristy

Dawn Kristy trains small and mid-sized business owners and their staff, nonprofit organizations, students, teachers, kids, parents, and lifelong learners on changing a few actions that can make a difference in online security.

After eleven years of working in cyberspace, Dawn’s circle of small business owners inspired her to write a how-to cybersecurity book they could share with their teams and families. As people shared their stories with her, she felt compelled to share them with others. It is a great exchange.

Dawn Kristy, the CEO of The Cyber Dawn, offers training presentations and keynotes to help managers bolster their cybersecurity culture and resilience.