Book cover for 33 Ways Not to Screw Up HR by Patricia Garland

33 Ways Not to Screw Up HR

A guide to keeping it simple, avoiding bureaucracy, and elevating HR's role—and your career.

What role does Human Resources (HR) play in your business? Is HR a trusted business partner, guiding the business to the best version of itself? Or is it a creator of pointless policies, bureaucracy, and a stumbling block to growth?  

33 Ways Not to Screw Up HR is a guide to keeping it simple, avoiding bureaucracy and elevating HR’s role—and your career.

An important addition to the 33 Ways series, this short volume is packed with pointers on HR expertise:

  • Balancing the art and science of HR
  • Designing straightforward compensation and performance plans that grow with the business 
  • Coaching through conflict without becoming the “Complaint Department”
  • Using common sense in labor relations
  • Sourcing great people to build a healthy organization
  • Protecting your company during acquisitions
  • Ensuring that diversity and inclusion stays true to its intent
  • Creating a business environment that values fairness, respect and decency

Author Patricia Garland shares a wealth of stories from her experience, along with unvarnished advice to help you avoid the hazards that come with the job.

Whether you are a career HR professional or a business owner building out the HR organization, read this important book right away. Keep it handy to resolve issues as they arise and use it as a long-term guide to creating an unconventional HR organization and career to take pride in.

About Patricia Garland

Patricia Garland is a writer, speaker and coach committed to promoting Human Resources as a trusted and valuable voice in the organization—no matter what its size. Her expertise includes leadership coaching, compensation and benefits design, labor relations, including strategies for preserving a union-free environment, and creating a world-class, business-focused HR team.

She has worked as a staff specialist and HR executive, at companies ranging from small and local to large and international. She’s passionate about welcoming diverse and unconventional viewpoints.