Book cover for 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Negotiating by Gerry Parran, MBA

33 Ways Not to Screw Up Negotiating

Start getting more of what you want out of life by learning how to negotiate more effectively.

If you had better negotiating skills, would you be getting more from what you want in life? How can you quickly improve your negotiation skills?

If you have asked yourself these or similar questions, this book is for you! In this book, you will learn:

  • Actionable negotiating tactics you can immediately put into practice
  • Tactics from some of the most well-known negotiators in history that you too can use
  • Achieve more of what you want in life

This book offers easy-to-use tactics for dealing with common, real-life negotiating situations. Well-known negotiators share the tactics they use for better outcomes.

Topics covered include:

  • How to handle difficult situations
  • Ways to value unique items to arrive at a price
  • Everyday items that can be negotiated
  • Insight into the value you can personally offer in negotiations
  • A robust negotiating checklist

Start getting more of what you want out of life by learning how to negotiate more effectively.

About Gerry Parran, MBA

Gerry Parran is an accomplished business leader with 45 years of experience in sales, IT, and management consulting. In 2005, Gerry launched The Material Source LP, a sales representation agency representing textile mills worldwide. Through its network of global business partners, The Material Source provides imported and domestically produced fabrics and finished products to manufacturers of soft goods in the United States.

Before the launch of The Material Source, Gerry held sales management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte Consulting: DRT Systems, MCI SystemHouse, and James Martin & Co. Through his many years in business, Gerry has had the opportunity to hone his negotiation skills in a wide variety of settings from one-on-one negotiations to multi-party corporate negotiations involving situations ranging from the sale of capital equipment, service agreements, and professional service arrangements.

Gerry holds an MBA from Lewis University and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ohio University Scripps College of Communication. Gerry makes his home in the Chicago area and can be reached at