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33 Ways Not to Screw Up Consulting

Dr. Marge Johson

Avoid the Major Consulting Pitfalls!

Consultants seek to help clients by leveraging their subject matter expertise to deliver outstanding results. Yet, too often, their proposals are rejected, their advice is ignored, or their services are somewhat regretted by the very people and organizations they sought to serve.

Learn how to avoid common consulting missteps and pitfalls with this short guidebook, so your valuable expertise will be more widely shared, benefitting your professional reputation and bank account. Topics include:

  • Converting prospects to clients,
  • Improving proposal conversion rates,
  • Developing marketing campaigns people want to receive, and
  • Delivering lasting results.

Whether you’re just getting started as an independent or temporary consultant, you’re transitioning to a post-retirement advisory career, or you’re an in-demand consulting veteran road warrior, you’ll find valuable advice and tips to amplify the success of your consulting career!

About Dr. Marge Johnsson

Dr. Marge Johnsson is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founding director of two university-based centers for innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic business growth. She has been named the SBA Small Business Person of the Year for the state of State of Illinois.